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"I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time."

- Anna Freud -


Confidentiality is something which I respect and strongly adhere to, therefore all testimonials are anonymous.

"Thank you for guiding and enabling me to start to understand myself and my emotions. I now look at myself and the people around me in a new, better light and for that I will always be grateful."

"Since we started our sessions, there is not one thing in my life which hasn't changed for the better. I look at everything so differently now."

"Nikki and I worked together for approximately 7 months exploring all aspects of myself and the people around me. I went into counselling thinking that I was 'a bit of a mess' and that there was something wrong with me, but through our sessions together I have gained a greater understanding of myself and why I felt the way I did.

Reaching the end of our time together, I have come out feeling stronger, calmer and very proud to say that it was counselling that helped me get to where I am today. I know its now the start of a new chapter and there is still lots more work to do, but I'm excited about what the future holds, and I can only thank Nikki for her patience, support and understanding and for providing a safe space to get everything out in the open and work through it all. Thanks Nikki!"

"Finally I have found someone to work with where I think;

'Yeah she gets it and understands me!'

Your care is evident. I have never worked with anyone who holds space like you. Thank you for everything."

"Nikki was an amazing support for me after a very traumatic experience and created a safe space for me to talk and process everything that had happened.

Her kindness and expertise worked well to help me feel more like myself again. I've been able to see that things do and will get better and with the right guidance from Nikki, I've been able to begin to move forward.

I wholly recommend Nikki as she made me feel completely at ease and I felt able to be completely honest with how I was feeling, which ultimately got me to where I am now. Thank you Nikki!"

"I don't think I have enough words to express my gratitude for you walking with me through this journey over the last year. From the first time we spoke on the phone I instantly felt safe and every week you've constantly created space and given me full permission to be vulnerable. You have listened to some things that I have struggled to articulate anywhere else. You have shared some valuable insight that has reframed some of my thoughts and perceptions. I feel like so many of my old thought patterns and worries have shifted and that I now have the confidence, skills and wisdom to push even deeper into understanding myself. I no longer feel scared of digging deeper and I've found a love for myself that I am not sure I have ever had before. Thank you for doing all this with me. I can't imagine having done it with anyone else. "

"Thank you so much for everything. For allowing me a space to learn, heal and grow.


Thank you for always listening without judgement."

"I will be forever grateful for the sessions we have had together. I will continue to use all you have taught me and all I have taught myself."

"I experience Nikki as someone who works with what is happening in the moment, sharing openly with what comes up for her at the time. Nikki is creative and intuitive, using her skills for the best interest of her clients."


"That which we need the most will be found where we least want to look."

- Carl Jung -

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