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"A person cannot teach another person directly;

a person can only facilitate another's learning."

- Carl Rogers -


 People are often drawn to counselling as there is a desire to create change in the areas where we feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled. Counselling is an opportunity to address the aspects of life which we feel are no longer serving us. This can be challenging and courageous, my role is to support you through this process. 

I am a qualified Integrative Humanistic Counsellor, Lifespan Integration and NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. I offer a safe and confidential space where we will explore your areas of concern. I will listen to you with empathy and without judgement, going at your pace so we can build a trusting and solid foundation on which to work together.

Collaboratively we will build deeper levels of awareness and understanding in the areas you choose. This may be supporting you through difficult times, traumatic experiences, or enabling your personal growth where you currently feel stuck. My approach is to guide and assist in empowering you to find your own answers and way forward in life.

I come from a corporate background and understand the pressures of daily living. I see first hand how counselling and wellbeing have the power to change how we experience ourselves and the world around us. 

I am committed to my profession and my personal development as a therapist. I am always looking at ways to grow and learn in my practice so I can offer more to my clients. I attend regular training events to continue to broaden my knowledge in my field.

On a personal level, I love nature and take a huge amount of joy from living locally to the seaside. 

As well as my private practice, I facilitate an Eating Disorder support group where we meet fortnightly. This is free for members to join. I run short-term support groups for areas such as anger management and self-esteem, and longer term coaching programs for groups and individuals. For more information on these, please get in touch. 


My Philosophy

As a Humanistic Therapist, I focus on your nature and personal experience. I value you as unique, away from any labels which may assume an identity. The advantage of my integrative therapy is versatility, allowing me to work flexibly with you which is key to my philosophy of counselling.

I support you in your expression, however that looks and feels for you. Traditionally, this is through words and speaking, at times you may also be drawn to; writing, art, movement, meditation, music or embodiment practices. 

I believe the mind and the body are connected in a very powerful way. I have a particular interest in working with individuals who want to feel more comfortable within their body. 

The way we work together is always a choice and taken at your pace. Together we will create a space for your growth.

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